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I’m Rachel Trudel,  designer of Anew Graphics, wife and a mom of 2 boys.   I USE  to have the problem of drowning in piles of my eldest son’s school artwork that I just couldn’t bring myself to throw out. I love it when he comes home and presents me with a new drawing, painting or written story that he created in class that day, but our walls and fridge were overflowing with creativity and I had no more room!  With a younger little guy running around who will be wanting to ‘create’  himself I thought I better come up with a better solution than ‘another tote bin’. So, I thought about capturing those masterpieces into an Artbook that could be cherished forever.   


Never again feel guilty about making artwork from school  ‘disappear’!

Transform the clutter into something that will last a lifetime and takes up a fraction of the space!


Kiddos’ Creations allows you to capture your child’s creativity by creating a unique Artbook that can be treasured again and again.

All you have to do is send us the art and we will do the rest!

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