Frequently asked questions

What types of artwork do I send?

Artwork can be awards, projects, stories, crafts, paintings, photographs anything that you want to be treasured. All photographs count towards the number of pieces you are including in your book, EXCEPT for one photograph if you choose to have an Introduction/Dedication page. These photographs can be emailed to us directly

Can I have my book in a specific order?

If you would like your artwork to have a specific order in the book, you MUST clearly number the back of each piece in pencil. First piece starting at #1 and ascending.

If you have certain pieces that you would like to be recognized, then put a star on the back as well and we can make this piece a full page.

How long does it take to create my Artbook?

The current turnaround time is about five to six weeks after we have received your artwork. Once your artwork arrives to us, it takes approximately four weeks to receive your book proof. After we receive approval of your proof, it takes approximately one week to deliver your book. Rush delivery is available, please contact us at if you need your book by a certain date. During peak times like Christmas it may take longer to complete the order. This year our Christmas cut-off date is November 15th, 2019

What do you consider to be one piece of art?

Each page of a workbook or previously bound book counts as an individual piece. The front and back of a page is counted as two pieces. Not sure that's ok. Just email us at:

Do you return the artwork that I send?

Yes! If you'd like your artwork returned, there is a $19.99 shipping fee.

What exactly happens when I ask for a shipping kit?

Our Shipping Kit comes to your doorstep waiting to be filled. Inside the envelope is a large bag (14.5x19) for mailing a significant amount of artwork, an Art Submission Form, and a prepaid shipping label. All you need to do is fill the envelope with art and the forms and drop the bag off to any Canada Post. It's that easy!

Can I add captions to my artwork?

Of course! We are giving you 5 FREE captions and you can also add more captions for 50¢ per caption. Simply write the captions on the Art Submission Form and on the back of the piece of artwork in pencil and we will add up the number of captions and send you an invoice for payment once we have received your artwork.

How many pieces of art will appear of each page of my book?

Not every art piece gets its own page. We showcase your child’s art in the best possible layout and depending on image size, layout there can be 2 to 4 images on one page.

What type of changes can I make to the proof?

We cannot completely redesign the layout of a book after the proof is sent. You can make up to four small changes on the proof that we send you such as a background color, single page layout, or the size of a single image. If you have more than four changes, please email us at If you would like to add multiple photos to your book, they will be counted like pieces of artwork.

What artwork works best?

We can use any kind of art you want to send us! Art with bright bold

colors and good contrast we find works the best. Try not to fold the art as the creases can be difficult to remove even though our designers can work magic. Keep in mind as well that artwork with a soft contrast like light pencil will not print well but our expert designers will try their best.

Are these books high quality?

Softcover books have perfect binding and feature your artwork on a glossy cover and inside pages. Hardcover books are image wrapped on a clean matte finish and you can add a title on the spine to complete the book.

How do I order duplicate books at 30% off? What are the details?

Getting more than 1 book is a great deal for gifts for grandparents and other loved ones!

There are two ways to order duplicates: when you send us your Art Submission Form OR after your original book is complete.

When you order online or send your artwork in, you may mark how many copies of the book you would like. After your original book is complete, you may order duplicates. Just email and we will get you more.

Please note that if you order a different thickness (softcover / hardcover) duplicate book there will be a $20 redesign fee for our graphic design team to re-size the layout and make sure the duplicate is just as beautiful as the original. Please note that duplicates ordered after the original order is complete will be charged additional shipping.

Can I add additional artwork or photos AFTER I've seen my proof?

Sure! You can email artwork images or photos to or you can mail the additional artwork directly to us. You will be sent an invoice for the incremental cost of the additional pieces PLUS a redesign charge to add the images to your book.

Redesign fees are as follows: Up to 10 pieces or photos: $20 and Up to 20 pieces/photos: $40

What If I submit more artwork than required?

If more pieces of artwork are submitted than the number written on your submission form, we will charge for the extra pieces. Not sure what artwork to include? We can help edit it down for you and exclude any pieces we don’t think will work for a charge of $25.00

Can I add a dedication to the book?

Absolutely. A personalized dedication is FREE and can be added to the front of the book to make it extra special.

I ’m worried about sending certain pieces of artwork in case they get damaged. Can I photograph them myself?

We do recommend that you send artwork to us to be photographed professionally, but we understand that there are certain pieces that may be extremely fragile. Please get in touch with us and we can give you tips on how to take the picture of the artwork. Images that are too low quality for the books might not be included.

Why don’t I do this myself?

Most parents would like to but are too busy, that's why we created Kiddos’ Creations service. Making an art book would take you roughly 40 hours or more. It’s harder than you think. We photograph your artwork to capture the best possible image and with our editing service that helps with wrinkled and staples, faded colours and unwanted backgrounds. Our designers create beautiful layouts and our books are professionally printed just for you.

What happens to my child’s artwork once the book is complete?

You can choose to have your child’s work sent back on the Art Submission Form for an additional shipping fee of $19.99. Their artwork will arrive separately from their completed book. If you do not want the artwork returned, it will be recycled after you have received the printed book. If you would like a few pieces returned just let us know on the Art Submission Form.

I have one or more than one child, what should I do?

You can certainly send art for multiple children. There are some options here.

  1. If you are getting individual books for each child, then you will need to have shipping kits for each child. ($29.99 each)
  2. Split the Artbook into however many children you so you can save some money.
    (Ex. 2 kids with a 40-page book = 20 pages each)

Can I cancel my order?

All sales are final, and we offer no refunds. There are no replacements except of items arriving defective or damaged. If an item has arrived damaged, please take photographs of both the packaging and product and email us right away so we can replace it for you.

What if I just want my art digitized and no books printed?

Yes, we can do just the digitization of your art. This service will be 40% off the regular box price plus $25 for the USB that is used to send you the images. Please see the price slider to estimate this cost.

Is there a charge for a wrong address?

Unfortunately, Canada Post penalizes $13 per wrong address. Please be extra careful when entering your shipping address. For each shipping box that is sent out with an incorrect address, the charge will be added to your final invoice. If the mistake is due to a Kiddos’ Creations or Canada Post, you will not be charged.

Can I see a proof of my product?

Yes, you will get a proof emailed to you for you to flip through and approve before we go to print.


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